by janinelidell


“Wholeness is not a Utopian dream, it is something that we once possessed and now seem largely to have lost, or to say it less pessimistically, seem to have lost were it not for our inner sense of direction which still reminds us that something is wrong here because we know of something that is right.” –Anni Albers

I’ve been thinking about these lovely words for some time now. The questions of where am I supposed to be? What direction should I be going? These get old. These make me tired. All this thinking leads to a very full head and not enough space which is so crucial for being available so that the sense of direction can kick in. Once again, I’m thinking about a little step back to realize where I’ve been lately and how lucky I am to have landed at this place at this time. So a little thanks to feeling a little more whole while still unsettled, while unsure of so very much.

Have you heard of the 365 grateful project? Hailey Bartholomew was having a hard time seeing the joy in life and spent some real time focusing on reflection and gratitude. Hailey took a polaroid a day for an entire year and spent time really finding out what brought her joy… the little things, the tiny moments. Check out her whole story here. She has a little TED talk too.  http://365grateful.com I can’t justify the polaroid expense right now but am planning on partaking in the project. Anyone with me? I think actually printing the work, not just saving it to digital space has to be part of the goal. For now a few photos of my daily landscape that I’m so lucky to engage with.