farm dinner

by janinelidell

katherine_northfork53_1Back in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been keeping busy with odd jobs, a little restaurant work, taking care of winter vegetables and scheming up our future farm endeavors. And then somehow in between building our yurt home, the holidays, a good friend’s wedding and a few birthdays, we managed to cater some parties and drove to the Oregon coast to cook and serve a wine dinner featuring an almost solely local menu.

Heading to the Oregon coast for the first time since our travels across country felt full-circle, as if we were finally home. We made a quick trip last year right before our big adventure and had been dreaming of fresh oysters, antique shops and Arch Cape views since. The ocean did not disappoint and the first day of our field trip was clear and warm (for January). We made it to North Fork 53 just before dark and began prepping for the next night’s dinner right away. When we finally made it to our sweet little upstairs room, I could tell that the morning would bring a good view of the farm though I had not idea how amazing the river and forest would look until hours later.

North Fork 53 is a magical place. A farm that offers b&b style lodging and airbnb rentals, 53 is beginning to host events including brunch, dinners, parties and wedding and classes. With the Nehalem River nearby and the balance of farm land and the ocean, it is the perfect setting. Our hosts, Ginger and Brigham have created a truly beautiful space that we felt at home at in right away. The guests that came to dinner made us feel welcomed and appreciated and I can’t wait to be more involved with this community.

After executing a bountiful meal of food sourced from local farms (including those we work on), fishermen, and wine from nearby vineyards, we were asked to speak a bit about how we came to be involved in this community event. While we were still spinning a bit from a busy service, we both were able to step back and articulate what we believe to be true, that food sourced in the right way from the right people and prepared with intention is the only way. This is the reason we stray further and further from working in the restaurants that can’t or won’t source properly. It’s why we spend our free time digging in the dirt and why we gave up our previous comforts to explore new endeavors.

The future holds many questions for us right now. Sifting through possibilities of our own future farming endeavors and potential business ideas, it’s been pretty remarkable to come accross such welcoming communities as the people of Northfork 53 who appreciate real food and real cooking. These are the people that make you realize that your “crazy dreams” are not that crazy. Now back to the fields…

North Fork 53 Farm dinner menu:

Gougeres, black pepper, gruyere
Dungeness crab on apple chips, fennel, winter herbs, aioli
Steak Tartare, shallot, parsley, capers, grilled Tabor Bread rye crostini

1st—Soup: Roasted carrot, chili powder, homemade ricotta, herbs

2nd-Salad: Sugar loaf chicory, sweet parsley, albacore confit, apples, hazelnuts

3rd—Chicken two ways, onion jam, root vegetable puree, wilted kale, pan jus, salsa verde

Family Style Sides:
Brussel Sprouts, mustard aioli
Roasted winter squash, dehydrated sungolds, currants
Salt-water steamed Fingerlings, farm butter, Jacobsen fleur de sel

4th—Chocolate-Beet cake, cultured cream, cranberry caramel

Thank you to all who participated in this supper!