by janinelidell

As time always does, it is moving fast and furious. Looking back at the last few months of displacement and decision, placement and hibernation, it’s nice to be carving out a home once again. Traveling and exploring opens us up, changes us for good. Yet for those of us who thrive in our own spaces, those of us who need the comforts of a little place of our own to reflect, a little quiet from the world, home truly is the most important place.

After leaving New Hampshire with the Pacific Northwest as destination, we decided to explore a few places that we knew we wouldn’t get back to anytime soon. If we were about to settle for a moment, to farm for ourselves, to tend to our own animals, we might as well see and do as much as possible and so New York City, Chicago, Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho were all part of the adventure home. We ate lox in New York City and Jamaican food in Madison, Wisconsin. We saw hometown suburbia in Chicago and stayed at the most amazing refurbished creamery in Fertile, Iowa. We saw bison in Yellowstone, antelope migrating through Wyoming, elk crossing the Yellowstone River and fulfilled a life-long dream of spotting Big Horned sheep just as we entered Montana.

While not capturing near enough of the adventure home in pictures, the sky was often the only thing that I was able to shoot that might explain the true places we were witnessing. Of course if you need to see any doughnut pictures or want to catch up on cute baby goat photos, my instagram feed might be worth a peek @janinelizbeth.

For now, we’re settling down for a moment in Washington state, not too far from Portland. Home is being constructed in the form of a yurt and while we stay busy making our plans to grow and create, while we commute to wait tables and harvest kale in the rain, I’m mostly trying to still remember the slightly sacred little moments of every little day. Seriously though, in this crazy world and this sped up life, stepping back and appreciating really does seem to be the only way to go.

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