A stove story

by janinelidell

Driving up the mountain the other day, we spotted what seemed to be a wood stove with a free sign attached. Funny timing this stove had since we have been in the market for just the thing to heat our new yurt in the Pacific Northwest. While I didn’t think much of this opportunity because we are currently in New Hampshire and we need a stove approximately 3000 miles away, my cohorts thought that this cute little stove in need of some minor welding, cleaning, painting and other fixing up was worth taking with us to our new home.

So we thought on our way back up the hill we’d ask Old Joe to help us load up the stove on his tractor and lug it up the pothole infested road sometime soon. Joe seemed eager for an adventure and started up the John Deere right away. “Let’s go right now.” All of a sudden we were picking vegetables to send home with Joe as a thank you gift and scheming up how we were going to fix up this beauty.

I must admit I was being tempted by the sweet shape and clean lines of this little stove and the free tag that came along couldn’t be beat. But I was also beginning to question our sanity for thinking 425 pounds of cast iron in the back of a Suburu was a good idea. What if we had an accident? How would we get to our spare tire under the weight of the stove? Was this safe and would it cost us unseen dollars in extra gas?

The debate continued and so I knew there must be experts out there that could answer my list of questions. I decided that the Car Talk website would be the perfect place to start (thanks parents for raising a kid on too much NPR). Who knew how much ridiculous enjoyment we would obtain from the entertaining answers to my question. Here for your entertainment is just a small sampling of some responses to my posed question along with a link incase you couldn’t get enough. Who knew so many people would bother to respond on such a forum (thank you very much to those that did). Make sure to visit the last comment below.


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