Why you’re here.

by janinelidell

Time is flying by at Bear Mountain Farm and while summer is in full effect, we all know the next seasons are approaching and in New England, that is a very real part of life. While waiting for the frozen months, we get up early and make most of the days. Chores happen first thing and while a plan is always assumed, forgetting to shut in the donkey or coming across an out-of-place, hard to catch chicken will consume your morning routine.

Homemade bread is made into toast and butter is not a shy condiment around the farm. Fueled on sprouted grains and kefir we get tasks accomplished. We weed, we take care of the sick baby goat, we do the million dishes that dairy creates. We go to farmer’s markets, we make yogurt, we weed-wack electric fence lines.

But most days, in between the tasks and the future planning that can consume us these days, there is a gasp that happens. You look up at the sky and see a double rainbow that actually ends on the field in front of you. You also see the kittens finally come into the orchard to drink from the milk you leave for them each day. You see a bear on your drive up Bear Mountain. You make raw goat milk gelato by hand and eat the heck out of it topped with homegrown blueberries. These moments will put you in your place and remind you why you’re here. Or at least remind you to stop for that moment and just watch, just be.

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