Baking with Dilys

by janinelidell

We’re busy around here. Even on the homestead level farm that we are staying with there are long lists of chores and projects this time of year. Chicken tractors get moved, animals get fed, milked and cleaned up after. Gardens are planted, tilled and weeded. And then a pig gets into to wrong pen or the electric fence stops working and hours are spent on fixes. Somehow behind all of the lists and execution is Dilys. This woman runs circles around everyone she encounters. Quite literally.

Every week Dilys makes yogurt, kefir, kefir “water” lemon soda, sprouted grain bread and biscotti for the Saturday farmer’s market. Now that there are a few more hands here, we’ve decided to ween the young goats so that we can milk a few  morning and night. More milk means more products and we’re brainstorming how exactly to sell raw goat milk yogurt on a small scale, a bit underground since to put product in stores means mass regulation.

Todays little list of this week’s projects and some Dilys in baking action pictures that show her calm within the storm.

  • Patch Tipi
  • Move chicken tractor
  • Move sow electric fence
  • mow under electric fence
  • make mushroom logs
  • put tipi up
  • organic inspection *tuesdsay
  • mend screen doors
  • turn compost
  • sort electric fence supplies
  • organize shop
  • organize wood shed
  • rototill and hill top garden
  • rototill back garden
  • continue gutter/rain barrel project
  • new rabbit hutch roof

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