tiny goats.

by janinelidell

Lidell_2_blog_paintedpepper_1 (1 of 1)We arrived at our next farm stop on a drizzly afternoon. The single farmer and mom of three was running around in the tiny creamery, getting yogurt made before she had to drive hours to fetch a daughter and then finally milk her herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, long past dark. Her oldest daughter walked us around the property, showed us a sweet but humble cabin to sleep in. Explained the compost bucket outhouse, and told us that most nights she cooked though this particular evening she was tired. Pretty impressive for a 16 year old.

Already we felt welcomed and comfortable among the small family. We chatted a bit while yogurt was bottled, we swapped quick histories. We listened with tired but excited ears of the stories of buying the land 14 years ago, leaving the cities she tried to live in to pursue a life that would be sweet for her small children. When I asked why she decided upon the Nigerian Dwarf goats, she stated simply that her children were small so small goats made sense. It turns out she was only the second commercial Nigerian Dwarf goat dairy in the states and these days her goat breed of choice is finally getting the recognition they deserve. We plan to stay a few weeks here on the family farm, helping with the tiny goats, tending to some weeds and regrouping on what we hope get out of this adventure and beyond.


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