by janinelidell

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been on the farm for over four weeks now. As I write this, coyotes are making a ruckus off in the distance and an early spring snow shower just made way for a very full moon.

Our drive east was such a rush. I still have the trip playing in my head like video clips with a soundtrack of the playlists we listened to. After accidentally driving down Moki Dugway (please do look up what Moki Dugway is and then though the valley of the Gods, we saw wild horses next to a gas station on reservation land. We listened to the Serial the podcast while dodging storms in Tennessee. Semi trucks were scattered on their sides off highway 40, cargo spilled out all over the road. I figured the truck drivers would have known to not attempt the ice. We finally headed north. North Carolina and Virginia brought more friends and family visits and soon we headed further into the uncharted places we’d only imagined.

Arriving in Maine, we found out our cabin on the farm wasn’t quite ready and so we decided to take a moment to explore the other Portland by staying on Peak’s Island, just a ferry ride away from the city. We found an airbnb house for a good price since we were at the height of off season. The beautiful island must be exhausting with tourists in the summer months but in early March, not many people dared to deal with the frozen land. The locals were struck by the chunks of ice floating in the Atlantic. We explored the city of Portland, visited the Legion’s bar on the island which held only one other customer. We had some time to simply make food in a full size kitchen and enjoy some abundant running water before heading to the very north eastern edge of Maine.

I’m still letting my surroundings and challenges sink in but for now a few pictures of the yearling goats that will become the next milkers. Also a picture of Gambler, the biggest draft horse I’ve ever seen.

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