And so we drove.

by janinelidell

Lidell_2_blog (1 of 1) Driving out of Portland Oregon was bitter-sweet of course. Having so much to do in the time leading up to our departure, I don’t know when I really realized what was really happening. I was about to leave my home of almost 10 years for a cross-country drive with a small organic dairy and goat farm somewhere up ahead.

Maybe shortly after crossing the Oregon border I recognized that a pretty ridiculous but amazing adventure was underfoot. Lidell_2_blog (1 of 1)-2

We decided to take the southern route to the east coast as to avoid the worst weather. We also decided to take our time getting to our destination, spending time in warmer places and with friends and family along the way. Some of this journey was easy and beautiful. Think hawks soaring in all directions, lambs and deer jumping on rolling green California coastal hills as we drove by. Shucking oysters at Hog Island in Mendocino, a sunny day in Big Sur and sunsets in Joshua Tree. And then there were plenty of moments unloading the very full car in the middle of snow storms into over prices bad motels on the side of the highway, semi trucks turned over on the side of highways in Tennessee in ice storms and states with no frills that just needed to be driven through.

All that said, we were able to drive from Portland Oregon to upper Maine with one $30 car repair after bottoming out in the Valley of the Gods, a few oil changes and a lot of stops at small town co-ops. A few pictures are here, from the California coastline, Joshua tree, Utah and Arizona. A few more to come.

Lidell_2_blog (1 of 1)-2

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